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Our aim is to help MS sufferers to live life to the full

Antoinette, Secondary Progressive MS sufferer is the Founder of Sportin MS. Having learnt more about MS, it’s incredible psychological challenges and the severe lack of public knowledge for the incurable, life-shortening disease, Antoinette decided that she was going to commit herself to fighting back. Sportin MS was created not long after her diagnosis and has been going from strength to strength ever since. The Founder’s Blog is Antoinette’s personal experience summed up every month for anyone and everyone who wants to relate to, learn about, keep in touch with or even just show an interest in MS. However, it’s not all doom and gloom… Antoinette also touches on the lighter side of being diagnosed, the funny moments, the insecure but unavoidable problems that come with MS and how her family, friends and strangers are tangled up too. The blog is also a nice, personal summary of the charity’s progress, development and upcoming goals or events.

Founder's Blog

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