Founders Blog #8

Hello everybody,

In trying to resume my monthly contact, we start this blog with some fantastic news.
1189864 – This is Sportin MS as a registered charity – here’s our number. On the 9th June,
Sportin MS got an email, officially registering us as a charity and together we are going to
give this disease a voice of encouragement and positivity and raise money to help people
like me to believe that we are capable of enjoying all that life gives to us – mentally and
physically. This number enables us to fundraise on lots of different levels including gift aid,
as well as involving businesses that require this new acquired status in order to make
donations. Just as a reminder, Sportin MS would like to financially help the Ryan Centre
which is a fantastic MS centre and, in the future, be involved in funding professional and
emotional support on diagnosis.

Moving on, as life is attempting to return to some form of normality for most of us, so is the
medical world. I have blood tests this week, in order for me to return to St. George’s on
Tuesday 14th July for my intravenous treatment. It couldn’t come too soon to be honest. My
muscles are struggling to keep up with all that I ask of them and my runs are slowly
becoming walks, my arms now have to share the intensity of making a white sauce and
don’t get me started on my internal muscles. I know to some this may seem inappropriate
but Covid-19 could not have come at a better time for me. Once I recovered from that, I
went on fantastic rural walks, I saw some beautiful scenic views, all, ironically, on my front
door which I would never have discovered otherwise. I have played games, shared the
workload of my garden, laughed with my family in the most relaxed environment ever – my
home. So, before my muscles deteriorate anymore, bring on the delayed treatment but in
the same breath, the memories I have were worth the delay.

Lots of love


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