Founder’s Blog #25 June 2022

Hello all,

I went to the bank today to deposit some fantastic generous fundraising from Walton Heath Golf Club – but I will come to that later. I had other monies to deposit and I decided to do a separate slip for the golf club which I presented last. As the bank teller was counting the final notes, she mentioned that this was a great amount for my charity and proceeded to ask me why I chose to support Sportin MS. I explained as quickly as possible regarding why and my relationship with the charity to which she made the following comment… “The thing with MS is that you could be fine for months, even years, and then suddenly it strikes, and takes your life away from you with no warning – it’s a monster disease, just a monster”.

What do you say to that? I think because I was standing there, fit as a fiddle as they say, make-up on, standing on two feet, it was difficult for her to associate me with this monster. It was difficult for her to realise that mentally, she just took my day away from me. I was lost in the possible sudden deterioration of my body and all the things I still wanted to achieve. And this is where we all need help – including me. I went to see a building last week that is up for sale. Sportin MS cannot afford it yet but it was perfect – disabled access, good size car park, it was basically a discontinued doctor’s surgery, 5 minutes from East Surrey Hospital and with a bus stop right outside the front door. I wish it was an MS centre, as I would have gone there today.

On a positive note, Walton Heath Golf Club hosted a Captain’s Charity Day with Richard Prophet and Hazel Nicol as Club Captains. And what a day it was. I cannot reveal the final figures at this stage as people are still donating via Just Giving but I will say, the warmth, support and friendship I felt at that club from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. was beyond all our expectations. Sportin MS benefitted hugely from that event and I look forward to their continued support for the rest of the year.

My daughter’s story continues and is posted under the MS Stories section of my website. Thank you once again to all at Walton Heath especially Richard for all his hard work and all that was  given to Sportin MS.

Lots of love,

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