Founder’s Blog #24 May 2022

Hello all,

Every time I re-assure myself that everything is under control, I am on-top of the progression of this disease, I get a reminder that MS is out of anyone’s control. It decides when and where it will rear its ugly head and the only thing that is controllable, is how the situation is handled. That’s my whole issue with it. The inner strength, the resolve, is sometimes beyond our reach and this can lead to a bad day, a bad week or even an unwillingness to overcome difficult moments.

As some of you have noticed, I have added a new heading to my website encouraging other MS sufferers to share their stories, experiences and difficulties. So please, if you know anyone with MS, do encourage them to get in-touch via the email address provided so that we can help and support each other – that’s what Sportin MS is all about. I have had a very difficult 24 hours and it would have been great to jump in my car, park up outside my Sportin MS centre and get help from others or just tell them and hear them understand.

The website has also stepped up with a new method of donations, still with Just Giving but with a much easier option to donate either one-off or monthly. They are also giving Sportin MS all of your donations with no fee!

Walton Heath Golf Club is about to start doing some amazing fund-raising for our dream. Attached to their members emails, is a video of the whole ethos of Sportin MS and hopefully this will raise a significant amount of funding needed to acquire some premises. Reigate Priory Hockey Club has also at the end of their season, managed to raise over £700 for us.

I would like to thank-you all for so much positive feedback and I look forward to achieving all our dreams sooner rather than later.

Lots of love

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