Founders Blog #22

Hello all,

Happy New Year and what a month for this charity. We are extremely excited and overjoyed to become this year’s official charity for Walton Heath Golf Club. And before you could blink an eye, one coffee morning brought a donation of £505 to Sportin MS. I was welcomed with open arms and I look forward to sharing the golfing season with all the members.

With fundraising in mind, we have a Bingo Fish and Chips night in February which should be great fun and once again, thanks to Old Reigatian Rugby Club. I have been looking into the possibility of renting a space outside of East Surrey hospital, in order to bring this charity’s dreams and ambitions to life, i.e. mental and emotional support provided through professional counselling, as well as a space for people in similar scenarios to gather, meet and help each other.

There is still a long way to go in terms of giving MS the platform and recognition that it needs in order for us to develop a long term support network. Therefore, the monthly subscribers are incredibly appreciated and we would welcome anyone who would like to support Sportin MS on a regular basis, no matter how big or small.

As a result of my daughter, I have introduced a new section to my website for anyone suffering with MS and we are starting things off with Tiasha’s journey so far, aged 20. We also want to encourage any and all MS sufferers to get in touch with us to share and discuss their experiences so that we can all help each other along the way, especially with areas such as coping mechanisms.

I have treatment at St. George’s in a few weeks, I had one more lesion show up in my MRI and I expected that, as I am a little more aware of my symptoms once again. But, all in all, things are looking good, especially for the charity. I hope and pray that I will be able to encourage others to see how much is possible, every day.

Lots of love

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