Founders Blog #21

Hello all,

Well, seemingly at lightning speed, Christmas is upon us – I am not ready. Maybe it’s because Covid has gotten me out of practice, for celebratory times.

Our website, as we speak, is being updated in order to add a few more categories/headings. We will be able to share more photos and more importantly, an avenue to post stories and experiences of others suffering with MS. As mentioned in my previous blog, my daughter who is only twenty, was diagnosed with MS and has opened up an even more desperate need for coping mechanisms and communication between all who have been diagnosed, especially those so young. The email address on my website will be open for anyone who wishes to make contact, share their experiences or is happy to share their stories.

Before, I wish you happy holidays, I would like to say a huge thank you for all for your love and support – Sportin MS is continuing to progress and the new year is going to bring even more possibilities for us, especially with regards to giving this disease a voice and bringing in a new audience. To those of you who have subscribed to a monthly donation, it really is deeply appreciated and this is the kind of support that keeps us going and helps us persist in making a difference.

Merry Christmas everybody – I hope we are all able to celebrate, if not in public venues, then with all our loved ones in our homes.

Lots of love,


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