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Founder’s Blog #17

Hello all

I would like to say thank you to Old Reigatian Rugby Club for a lovely wine tasting evening, with special thanks to Cathy Haughton the events co-ordinator and Sabrina, the club’s bar manager. All covid restrictions were beautifully orchestrated, without disrupting the flow of the event. This is the beginning of a great fundraising relationship – watch this space.

As the restrictions have lifted little by little, I have been able to resume my favourite sporting activity, squash. From an MS standpoint, my legs are coping with it just fine and the only symptom that has re-appeared is what I can only describe as the feeling of little hairs or spiderwebs on my legs, which gives me the sensation to wipe them off. I assume that it’s something to do with the nerves in my legs reacting to either the activity, or the rise in body temperature, but it does not inhibit my game. For those of you who are able, I hope this motivates you be active.

I have taken part in a “Continence First Community Health and Care Service”, which involved a five-day assessment. This is the part of MS that is the most difficult to discuss, as the subject, with or without this illness, is very taboo. It was difficult to do, quite detailed but I am hoping that it will lead to specialist advise and care with regards to bowel and bladder functions. People tend to forget that these are muscles that are seriously affected by MS and I would be happy for anyone who needed, to email me via the address provided on my website for any more information.

Hopefully July will be sunnier and I will have progressed with our next fundraising event. Do feel free to make Sportin MS your charity and use Just Giving for any donations.

Lots of love,

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