Founder’s Blog #16

Hello all,

Well, the good news is that fundraising has begun, starting with a wine tasting event at Old Reigatian Rugby Club in June. I am hoping to organise a sporting event, possibly cricket related, before the season is finished and the weather deteriorates, so watch this space.

I have been liaising with the neurologist at East Surrey hospital who is in charge of putting MS on their map so to speak, and it looks like lots of progress has been made and fingers crossed, East Surrey will be able to offer both treatments as well as a hub for MS suffers very soon. Once things are up and running, this is where I am hoping Sportin MS will get involved helping with a place for interacting and providing a comfortable environment for questions, concerns, worries, stories, companionship and a relatable environment for those diagnosed, partners or family members, carers and friends.

With regards to my personal MS, there isn’t much to report. I have had both my Covid vaccines, the timings of which revolved around the date of my next treatment – there had to be at least a six-week gap after the 2nd jab. I did not react well especially after the second one. For just 24 hours the vaccine seemed to hone in on my legs, making them extremely painful, but it was a small price to pay with regards to the bigger picture – safety.

We have been getting very excited hearing the enthusiasm from various clubs wanting to support Sportin MS and we now have our first monthly charitable donation from the McInleys – lots of love. Hopefully others will do the same – visit Just Giving and make Sportin MS your charitable organisation. Anyway, God willing, I will have plenty more good news in the coming months.

Lots of love,


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