Founder’s Blog #15

Hello all,

Happy Easter to you all! And for those of you not celebrating, I hope you have had a lovely long weekend.

The fundraising hats are back on and Sportin MS is hoping to kick off with a couple events in August, both sport and social. The idea is for entertaining, memorable and worth-while events, just what we need in these compromising times. Vaccinations seem to be assisting in the opportunity for social gatherings and as my family continue to become protected, I hope you are all able to do the same so that we can eventually get together again. Watch this space!

With regards to my MS, my internal organs are requiring some time management. I have learnt how to better dictate to them when they are allowed to function, rather than my bowel and bladder telling me when they want to relax. Sticking to a particular time schedule and daily routine has helped enormously and of course, mentally it gives me a positive attitude when it works out.

I would also like to thank Gerard Ali, Mac Attram and especially William Parker for their generous donations to Sportin MS this month. We have discussed and will decide over the next couple of months the wonderful places and people we are going to help through your support. I hope, like me, you are getting excited for some good times coming which we all deserve.

Lots of love,

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