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Founder’s Blog #14

Hello all,

What an exciting month it has been with the launch of “”, our fabulous new website. I hope you all share it with as many people as possible and encourage anybody looking to support a charity, to check us out! I would also like to thank you all for making this happen, your love and support always made me feel anything is possible.

It has been a month of discovery with regards to my MS. I saw my neurologist about a pain and discomfort developing in my left hip, bum and legs. My neurologist is a man of action and without any delay, booked me in to Neurophysiology at St. George’s to eliminate one of the possibilities for my discomfort. The name of the department insinuated to me the possibility of active assessment – maybe a pair of trackies and some trainers should accompany me, just in case… How wrong I was! It could not have been further from that.

My experience reminded me of something from the 20th century era, as I was informed that little electrodes will be applied to my leg, starting from the ankle, working its way up to the thigh. You know like when they used to electrocute people in the old horror films? And the machine would increase in sound as the electricity was increased in intensity! On top of that, a needle was inserted, my muscles needed to be flexed and the pain was intense. As I tried to lie-back-and-think-of-England, the tears flowed.

This said, it was all necessary – necessary to judge the sensitivity of the nerves in my leg, which MS obviously effects, and I am comforted by how thorough my neurologist is. I will however not be able to claim ignorance the next time, so hopefully that will not happen again for a while. Apart from that, my intravenous treatment is continuing to be a positive contribution to my MS.
Let’s look forward to some lovely weather and spending some time outdoors!

Lots of love,

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