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Founder’s Blog #13

Happy New Year to you all – not exactly how we all planned it. We’ve got a New Year, new covid, new restrictions, new vaccine and a whole new mental attitude to almost everything we are currently doing. But I am hopeful that we have hit rock bottom and we will slowly climb out of the disaster 2020 left us with.

Obviously there is nothing planned with regards to fundraising for Sportin MS but the website is being developed as we speak, nearly up and running, complete with Just Giving, contact details and lots of exciting features. I will let you all know as soon as it’s all complete.

I had my treatment at St. George’s Hospital yesterday. As a result of covid, we are not allowed any family or friends with the patients while we receive the intravenous medication. The plus side of this is of course, we only have each other. There are about 5/6 of us in a room, all hooked up to our machines and there is nothing else to do but chat, trying to hurry the hours away. It is not your normal chain of subjects – what do you do, do you have kids, where do you live, etc. Oh no, it’s about mobility or lack of, needing the toilet and which drugs are best for what. It is very relaxed, no inhibitions and it motivates me even more to establish a forum for sharing all the difficulties this disease brings. A place where you can come for a coffee and ask about anything, cry or be angry or just laugh about your most recent calamity. I am lucky to have my family, everybody needs something like that. Hopefully 2021 will take this charity closer to establishing such a place.

Lots of love


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