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Founder’s Blog #12

Hello all,

Christmas is fast approaching and this Covid setting makes this time of year feel surreal. I do take comfort in the thought that it’s not a bad thing to do things differently – once – this is just one of those things.

Some very good news – as mentioned in my previous blog, we managed to raise £750 from Halloween Hockey matches. The day was organised by Andy Porter, the chairman of Reigate Priory Hockey Club, who has now compounded his efforts by inviting Barclays Bank to match the donations pound-for-pound… Which they have done! I can’t thank him and the hockey members enough. Apart from that, lockdown has suppressed all other possible fundraising activities.

On a medical note, my consultation appointment was cancelled this month, just like with most people at the moment as the hospitals deal with more urgent cases. Last month was a good MS month, this one has been more challenging. Because this disease is so subjective, it is almost hit and miss as to the best way to deal with it, physically. Should exercise be consistent? When does it become too much? Am I helping my body by trying to fight it? These questions seem to be unanswerable. Hopefully, one day, Sportin MS is going to contribute to a place where we can go to in order to discuss all the symptoms and fears over a cup of tea or coffee, in an environment for physical and mental support. I know the Ryan MS Centre in Coulsdon is very limited in what they can offer at the moment because of Covid, but they are still there for people with MS.

I hope you all have a loving Christmas, full of new experiences and joyous moments. Like you, I look forward to a healthier 2021.

Lots of love,


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