Founders Blog #11

As we approach another lockdown, charities like ours tend to struggle with fundraising. BUT… in an unbelievable effort from Reigate Priory Hockey Club, in place of their annual fireworks night, we held ‘Halloween Hockey’. A ladies and a men’s hockey match took place and despite covid-19 restrictions for the spectators, Andy Porter (chairman), along with the excellent members, managed to raise donations totalling £750! The most amazing thing of all is that this was more than last year’s ‘non-Covid’ Fireworks night celebrations, which just goes to show the love and support these hockey players, their families and friends have for the purpose of this charity. I would like to thank you all so much and I am totally overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness.

With all of that in mind, we are making good progress. The website is being designed as we speak and should be up and running before Christmas. This will open us up to new possibilities and the potential of a wider audience. An exciting element to the website is the potential to allow regular contributions, and a professional and safe platform to do so. Again, helping our aim to fund the emotional and mental support needed by people, when diagnosed with MS. I am very excited.

An update on my personal condition; physically, things have become consistent. My legs are manageable, and I still exercise most days of the week. I still believe this is crucial to my mobility. The drug Ocrelizumab, applied every six months, seems to have been my best choice, but my next MRI scan will determine a more detailed look at the progress of the disease. All in all, my focus now is to progress my charity to the next stage and create a positive support system for all with MS.

Lots of love,

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