Founder’s Blog #07

Well, hello everybody,

It has been a few months since I have been in-touch and what a bizarre few months it has been. On the 23rd March, I was bed ridden with the virus. At that time, the only known symptoms were the sore throat and the cough. I had horrific headaches, very high temperature fever, no sense of smell or taste. On day 4/5, I struggled to find the will to live – I felt like I would black out with the fever, my muscles ached and were restless, keeping me away from sleep. The ambulance medic did ask me if I wanted to go to the hospital but my children believed they could look after me, giving more individual attention. It took a month to six weeks to recover – I had lost a lot of weight and lacked a lot of energy. However, I am pleased to say back on my feet, illness free and happy again.

On the 1st of May, I began to experience the joys of lockdown and the benefits of having a large family. Unlike some, I love the constant craziness, cooking and noise. My birthday was in mid-May which under normal circumstances would have been spent watching my son play cricket followed by lots of wine, food and some form of dancing. Instead, my present was a garden tennis set, my family knows me too well… The competitiveness still goes on during all hours of the day with fantastic games of doubles in the garden.

Of course, there is always a reality check and the minus is that my treatment has been postponed until September. Therefore any “episode” that I have now, may leave quite a mark. So, fingers crossed, I continue to be fit and well. Daily, my legs, my bowel and sometimes my arms, remind me the MS is there, and the fear is all consuming. I still exercise every day, no matter how hard and I would still consider myself to be winning the battle. 

Anyway… I am having a fantastic Summer, full of music, family, food and hopefully more sun! I hope you are all coping. Please get in touch if you have any thoughts, ideas, questions or queries, I’d be so happy to hear them.


Lots of Love,


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