Founders Blog #04

Hello all! I hope Christmas and New Year fulfilled all your expectations and brought lots of joy. We had a great time and for those of you who don’t know me very well, all I need is all our 4 kids’ home and every box is ticked – love the noise, confusion and constant cooking.

With regards to my MS, nothing major to report. Luckily, I haven’t had any major “episodes”, just that very slow progression of aches and pains in my legs. The side effects I was bracing myself for from my treatment, have not affected my everyday life, especially my job so for that reason alone, I am an advocate for Ocrelizumab as far as helping with the symptoms of Secondary Progressive MS. My nails are like paper and digestion after meals is not always easy but I believe that is also to do with where the lesions are within my spinal cord or basically, which part of the body is struggling to receive messages from the brain.

On an extremely pleasant note, I need to raise £5,000 in order to get an official charity number, and I am only £1000 short – it has taken only 4 months to get this far so thank you all so much for supporting me and my fundraising. I will be able to open up opportunities for larger donations once I have that number, so that the Ryan Centre can benefit. And there are still more events to come. Do feel free to email me at any point if you would like to contribute or chat about Secondary Progressive MS, at, and I can provide the bank details or discuss any questions you might have.

Once again, the support has been unreal – people often stop me in town and mention this blog and Facebook page and it just touches my heart.

Thank you

Lots of love


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