Founders Blog #03

What a fantastic month it has been for Sportin MS. I have seen such love and commitment from people helping me and the Ryan Centre for MS, and I am very hopeful we will go from strength to strength. I met a lovely lady at the beginning of my journey who was diagnosed with MS for a much longer period than me and she had decided not to share her news with anybody – including her family.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I know that my way is not for everybody but I cannot emphasize enough the positive support and love I have received as a result of trying to establish this charitable organisation. I have had a challenging month and Sportin MS has got me through that – definitely. The trial drug that I am on, I cannot tell you what effect it has had on the progression of my disease but I can tell you that, just as everything becomes a little bit more difficult physically, I am reminded that everybody around me cares, emotionally. And just to refer back to my son’s quote “this is a mental disease, way before it becomes physical disease, Mama”. That is where Sportin MS has saved me – simply because, I don’t need to ask for support, it’s always there for me whenever I need it. To any other MS sufferers, I hope that you can draw from my experience and find comfort.

On a positive note, my Christmas tree is up, the festive season is coming, along with all my children – what more is there. I love my husband, I love my family.



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