Founders Blog #02

Well it’s that time already and so much has happened in the last month. I had my second treatment/infusion at St. Georges, and with that came a different reaction; emotionally more than physically. As with many infused drugs, when your body is taken over by an alien substance, your hormonal balance can be out-of-sorts. I struggled with keeping positive and not letting my thoughts run away from me as to what MS is going to bring further down the road. My saving grace was distractions, provided by my family, friends and my job. People underestimate the mental illness of MS – it is exhausting teaching yourself to only think about today. Physically, I was not patient enough, I pushed my body to the limit 7 days after treatment and that was a mistake – my legs did not like it – they just did not want to work. So, do the 4-week rest when taking part in this trial and have lots of emotional support – that is key for coming out the other end.

The highlight of the up-coming weeks will be the preparation for my first charity event for Sportin MS. And with this comes a huge thank-you to Vine King in Reigate, Jayne Robinson Beauty Therapist, Old Reigations Rugby Club and Reigate Priory Hockey Club – all have made significant contributions to the event. I look forward to sharing this with you next month, and giving the proceeds to the Ryan Therapy Centre.

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