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From our founder - Antionette Bunyan

Everyone deserves an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and objectives...

I was diagnosed with Progressive MS in November 2018 and founded Sportin MS in July 2019. After my diagnosis my friends and family organized a huge surprise party just to let me know they knew, they were sad, they were there for me, and they wanted to celebrate my energy for living life to the fullest. They raised money for an MS charity during that party. Somebody came to me and mentioned their dad suffered with MS and that he used to go to a center close by, for support. I found this small, cute MS center less than 10 miles from my house and they wanted to expand, they needed more space to accommodate equipment for people already disabled from MS as well as providing therapies, coun-selling and creating a supportive family unit. 

Antionette Bunyan the charities founder
gym for physio therapy

I am a very active person. I love sport, squash being my passion but most of all I love music – I love to dance. I come from Trinidad which is where all my family still live and I settled in England when I married my husband. My childhood was about singing and dancing both competitively and for public entertainment. My parents danced all the time – if there was a song on the radio and both of them happen to be in the room at the same time, no matter what time of day, they would turn to each other and just for a minute or two, sweep across the floor.

I am the youngest of four, and my husband and I have also had four children. I love to cook – every day the routine after 6 p.m. is the same – wine, music, cook, and repeat. Music has become a huge part of my family – I too would grab whoever is nearby and spin them round the kitchen, the kids less enthusiastic than my husband but they “humor me.”

 Before Sportin MS achieved its charitable status, I felt I needed to share my experience from diagnosis, with friends, family and other MS sufferers and my children encouraged me to create a Facebook page. I felt it necessary to make it known that a positive state of mind was crucial in order to cope with what was seen by others as a life sentence of disability and deterioration of the body’s internal muscles.

The day before I was told I had Secondary Progressive MS, I had been for a run, the week before I had played squash – why should this diagnosis and its negative delivery, suddenly change my everyday life? I did not want others to give up, I did not want other MS sufferers to wait to become immobile and I felt that the manner in which the information was relayed to me, allowed a negative mind set to take hold.

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Our Charities Values

Live one day at a time... and really live it!

Everyone deserves an opportunity to fulfill dreams and objectives of their lives. No-one should be discouraged from trying to achieve what they see as reachable. Sportin MS values positivity of thought and everyday living. Because of the nature of this disease, it is very easy to succumb to the pending mobility issues and lose sight of tomorrow, only focusing on the negativities to come. Sportin MS wants to encourage…


Having dreams and knowing their possibilities.


Always looking for new doors to open and keeping doors open


Have a positive attitude to personal achievement.


To provide a platform of understanding and empathy.

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