Founder’s Blog #19

Hello all,

Sorry, this one is a little late but there has been a lot happening. Firstly, with regards to my recently diagnosed daughter, we are still researching the best treatment for her, with her priority being the possibility of having a family of her own one day.

Personally, I have had many challenges this month. I feel that progression is slowly affecting my legs and I am trying to figure out the best approach to easing the discomfort that they cause. I now find myself aware of the muscle aches from simply standing up and with most movement. I wasn’t able to run or exercise for about 4 days and I was hoping that this would have eased the discomfort, but it seemed to continue. I have, however, exercised today, and I do feel a little more agile. I have also taken on board the benefits of changing my diet. So, I am doing my best to (having done a fair amount of research on the subject) abstain from eating meat – let’s see how that benefits my muscles in general, as well as my energy levels. At the end of the day, it is about finding the best way to cope with something that is slowly creeping up on me, but more importantly, not to let my imagination run away with the fear of this disease. With my bowel I have learned to create a daily routine, rather than wait for the occasional message from my brain. Much easier and low risk in terms of an accident happening.

On a very exciting note, Sportin MS sold out of it’s first event since Covid restrictions have been lifted, in less than 14 days! We are all very excited about the “Masked Ball” in October at Old Reigatians Rugby Club, and hoping to raise so much money, that when the time comes, we can get involved with what East Surrey Hospital is hoping to offer MS patients. I also know that Reigate Priory Hockey Club has fundraising events planned, as we are fortunate to be their chosen charity once again for the upcoming season. Enjoy what’s left of the lovely weather.

Lots of love,

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