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Sportin MS

We are a charity set-up to support with the emotional and mental well-being for recently diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis patients.

What we do...

Sportin MS is a home grown charity, founded on the back of a single MS diagnosis. Having been officially registered in June 2020, Sportin MS has already raised over £30,000. The charity was set up with various intentions ranging from raising awareness, increasing support and offering information and guidance to anyone and everyone who may benefit from it. However, ultimately we aim to provide a platform and environment that welcomes sufferers, friends, family and the people affected by this horrible and very psychologically difficult disease.

girl sitting in wheelchair staring out of the window
gym equipment that might be used to help ms sufferers

What we want to achieve

Having experienced vital support centers like Marie Curie and McMillian and how they contribute to the mental and emotional well-being of people suffering from long-term illnesses, we believe that all neurological illnesses should have the same vital centers. Our vision for Sportin MS is to be involved in centres providing the necessary emotional and positive support for MS – support for people immediately after diagnosis. Along with the mental issues, there is also the physical ailments that MS brings. We would also like to contribute to centres that provide physical care and help with mobility and muscle deterioration.

Latest from the Founder's Blog

The charity’s founder Antionette Bunyan, writes an article every month covering her battle with Secondary Progressive MS and the latest news from the charity.

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Our up and coming fund raising events

Come and join us at our fundraising events and contribute to our efforts to improve the lives of people with Multiple Sclerosis.

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